Old Souls and New Beginnings

Tucked away in Macon, Georgia, sits a disheveled 1880's Victorian cottage on 1388 Calhoun Street, full of stories but worn away by time. What used to be home to many families over the centuries now lies in disrepair, housing nothing more than memories. 

But its story is far from over; this old soul is receiving a new beginning, and new chapter in its history book. The Historic Macon Foundation, with the help of many amazing designers, brought this beautiful piece of history back to life. The Design House is a Historic Macon rehabilitation project, and plays an important role in the Beall’s Hill neighborhood revitalization effort.  Various Middle Georgia designers, including our very own Trish Cossart, designed the spaces within the project, focusing on the small living of the working class in that era and revitalizing its history.  

The master bedroom, by Cossart Design is inspired by the tranquility of nature and mimics the serenity of the outdoors through the use of organic and simplistic details. Raw and natural textures and patterns pay homage to a simpler period in time. The design embodies the innocence and purity of nature by using unrefined elements, rustic materials and sophisticated details. Here's a sneak peek at the master bedroom design:


As part of the Historic Macon Foundation's signature fundraiser, “Design, Wine and Dine” you can come experience the rich history for yourself. 1388 Calhoun Street will be featured as this year’s Design House in a seven-day showcase of Macon talent and will be open to the general public for tours June 23-30th. For tickets go to designwinedine.org