Sweet Summertime

10 Tips And Tricks On How To Decorate For The Summer

It’s officially summer!

The summer is my favorite season: fun times, tan lines, lake days and sun rays. Some of my favorite memories have been in the summer. I love the late Georgia nights spent on the porch or out catching lightning bugs in mason jars.  I love the summer get-togethers at the lake: going fishing or out on the boat, and don’t forget my favorite place: the beach! I love bringing the seasons into my home and there’s no better time than the changing of seasons to switch things up with your décor. So here are some tips on how to bring some summertime into your home.

1. Lighten it up.
Freshen up your space by lightening it up.  Too much clutter can close off a room—give it room to breathe by simplifying the space and limiting accessories. A simplistic look will brighten up the room. You can also lighten up the room with lighter colors: white trim on white walls creates a classic look, and white washing the furniture or getting lighter wood furniture can make the room look clean and bright.  

Photo credit: My Scandinavian Home

2.  Go Natural.
Natural materials, natural colors, natural feeling. Bring the outdoors inside by adding pieces with raw textures like unfinished wood, twill baskets or even unfinished pottery pieces. Adding natural elements can bring warmth into the space.

Photocredit: Popsugar                                                                                    Photocredit: Buzzfeed

3.  Add some color.
Bring some pops of color into your space: bright pinks, oranges, yellows and reds create a fun summer color palette. Be intentional about where you add color; playing off white walls or white furniture will add contrast and bring a sense of light into the room.

Photocredit:  Thibaut Designs                                                                                                    Lake Blackshear Project

4. Spice up your garden.
If you’re anything like me, you spend half of your summer working in your garden, so why not have some fun with it? Add some bright pieces to your gardens like windmills or colorful watering cans and garden tools. You can even get a bright bird feeder or birdhouse and watch it come to life!


5. Bring furniture outdoors.
Summer is meant for the outdoors. Summer nights in the south are for sitting the porch or grilling out. Create a little oasis on your porch by adding some cozy pieces. Bring in lanterns or tiki torches to keep the bugs away and add an ambiance to your summer nights.

       Lake Blackshear Project

6. Pile on the pillows.
Play with different patterns and colors for a captivating and comfortable environment. Mix sizes, shapes, and textures to add some dimension to your space.

Photocredit: Thibaut Design

7. Go nautical.
Nautical never goes out of style. Decorate with white and navy, add stripes and maybe even some boats and flags. You can create a seaworthy experience from the comfort of your own home (and without the seasickness).  Add character with sea life like fish, seahorses or even whales. Beautiful seascape art and soothing blues can even bring some serenity into your energetic summer.


8. Bring life back.
Add life to your home with green plants or floral arrangements. Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents have the perfect clean look without the stress of taking care of plants because they don’t need a whole lot of water. Faux flower arrangements are also a good alternative to the living thing.

Photocredit: New Growth Designs                                                                               Photocredit: Free People

9. Add some light.
Summer is the perfect time to break out the lanterns and torches. Adding candles to a space can create a relaxing environment with the soft, warm light and soothing aromas. Bring some natural light into your home by uncovering your windows or replacing your curtains with sheer fabric. You can even fake natural lighting by replacing your bulbs with sustainable LED bulbs for a whiter and brighter light.

Photocredit: Lisa Rigby Photography

10. Bring the beach to you.
No time for vacations this summer? You can bring the beach to your home by adding beautiful shells, coral, and even sea sponges. Driftwood can add to your beach experience while also adding dimension and texture to your space. 

                                                       Photocredit:  Birch Lane

                                                       Photocredit: Birch Lane


Photocredit: Paper and Lace                                                            Photocredit: Mountain Modern Life