Our Favorite Color

So it may not be a surprise to most of you (especially if you've been in the store), but my absolute favorite color is blue- in any shade or design. But what may surprise you to hear is that the most popular color in the world is blue (alot great minds out there if you ask me). Blue symbolizes cleanliness, serenity, peace, coolness, and strength. The color blue can be added to almost any color scheme or design, especially when you take advantage of the different shades. Not quite sure how to incorporate blue into your home? Well we're giving you a Cossart Design Guide to decorating with blue, broken down by shade. 


Navy blue is a classic; it's dark enough to hide stains and pairs with any bright color for a high contrast look. Navy can be overwhelming when used throughout an entire room, so we recommend using it as an accent wall color or paired with a white trim to balance out the dark. You can even use a navy patterned wall paper to add variety and character to a room. 

Photo Credit: DecorPad                                                       Photo Credit: Jessica Walmsley Interiors

Where else can you use navy? Rugs, especially with high traffic areas, a darker navy rug can help hide wear and dirt and looks great against hardwood flooring. Navy accessories and furniture can complete any look. Pair with white and red for a nautical look, with gold for a contemporary feel, with darker woods for a classic traditional look or with bright pinks for a fun and young look.

Photo Credit: Kelly Bernier Designs                                                                             Photo Credit: Coastal Style

Sky Blue

Sky blue adds serenity to any room, it's calm without being boring and is light enough to paint an entire room. Another unique place to use it is in the kitchen. Use it on the cabinets in a rustic design or on the appliances for a retro look. 

Photo Credit: Homedit                                                                               Photo Credit: MyDomaine

Sky blue accessories can add lightness to a room and pairs well with natural textures for a beach or ocean vibe. You can add it in accent pieces to a monochromatic color scheme for a subtle pop of color. You can even use it outside in your patio furniture or as a siding color.

Photo Credit: Liz Marie                                                                                                                         


Turquoise has been the trend lately being used in designs from funky modern  to cozy bohemian. It works as a great accent color and goes well with neutral colors and bright colors. We love pairing it with natural textures and neutral tones to play with a juxtaposition of cool and warm. It also creates a beautiful backsplash to any kitchen or even to tile a bathroom shower. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest                                                                                Photo Credit: Loombrand

We love using turquoise window treatments and accessories for pops of color in a room. It also can create a fresh, spring look when paired with white and greens. It also goes well with other shades of blue, creating a fun monochromatic color scheme. 

Photo Credit: Design Indulgences                                                                       Photo Credit: Thibaut Designs