Cossart Design's Thanksgiving Decor Must Haves

We want to share a few of our favorite items that are great decorations for any space in your home. Each item can also be a great gift idea if you are planning to join in on a family dinner. Let us show you a few of this years fall decor trends.

Grateful Tray


This year is all about the display, and this round tray is sure to please. Rose gold lettering of grateful in the center is a perfect tray to display on your mantel, or use for any table decor. We are showcasing ours on a plate stand.



Any time you entertain you’ll always need a set of these beautiful fringe or even the fun plaid napkins. These are sure to add a pop of color to any Thanksgiving table. These can be incorporated year around, and are also a great gift for the holidays.

Fall Floral Arrangements


It’s all about rustic design this year, and these wooden carved vases hit the spot. We pulled together a variety of fall colored flowers and incorporated them in the wooden vase. These arrangements could quickly transform your dining table into the Thanksgiving spirit and really showcase all the beautiful colors of fall.

Feather Pumpkins


Who doesn’t love small pumpkins? These feather pumpkins are sure to make a big statement, yet they are small enough to place around your table, or each place setting. From Halloween to Thanksgiving these pumpkins will transition well with your decor.

RootWorks Bowls and Trays


RootWorks items are carved from Shan Mu, which grows abundantly in the mountains of Central China. The lacquer finish protects and magnifies the natural beauty of each product. They are safe for food contact, although it is not recommended for hot food service. These bowls and trays are truly a unique piece and will make a statement at any dining table. These bowls are also a great way to display any fall decor such as pumpkins, florals, or gourds.

Hydrangea Plates


Do you love all things green? Well these hydrangea plates are sure to add that pop of green to any table setting. These can be used for light appetizers or simply just for beautiful fall decor. With it’s unique design, these can be universal throughout each season.

Now that we have shared a few of our fall decor favorites with you, come by and let us help you select the perfect fall pieces for your home. Christmas is also right around the corner, and these items could also make great gifts too!