Cossart Design is an interior design firm serving the southeast for more than 10 years. Cossart Design offers design services to both residential and commercial clients. At our retail location, 924 Carroll Street, we offer fabrics, furniture, accessories, artwork and lamps, as well as unique gifts and jewelry. 


We are seeking an innovative, creative, and experienced Interior Designer for our expanding customer base.  Our new Interior Designer will create beautiful interior environments for our clients.  The ideal candidate will:

·      Create, design, and renovate interior spaces.

·      Assess and meet client requirements and desires through regular meetings and conferences.

·      Produce computer-aided design sketches, drawings, and floor plans to illustrate concepts and finished projects.

·      Create idea boards to communicate design and concepts to clients, gathering pieces of decorative materials and combining them to create a new world of beauty and comfort.

·      Provide insight and guidance for projects that include: furnishings, fixtures, and lighting to creating a conducive and beautiful interior for client appeal and comfort.

·      Establish project timelines and coordinate work activity to include vendor involvement, and outside contractors as necessary.

·      Maintain relationships with vendors and outside contractors.

·      Adhere to national and local building and safety codes with every design element.

·      Participate in networking opportunities and actively develop and expand client base.

·      Perform research and maintain a working knowledge of trends and new developments in the interior design world.

·      Work closely with various colleagues, including architects, artists, contractors, painters, upholsters, and building inspectors.


Job Requirements/Qualifications

·      Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree in Interior Design preferred, from an accredited school.  Equivalent experience will be considered.

·      Must have good listening skills and communication skills. 

·      Must have strong creative ability with the ability to incorporate the client’s desires into the design plan. 

·      Ability to draw and sketch with the hands and read floor plans

·      Have a pleasant demeanor to deal with client’s requests.

·      Written and verbal communication skills, and interpersonal skills.

·      Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or related software.

·      Must have strong marketing skills utilizing social media platforms.


To be considered for this exciting position, submit your resume and references to: